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David Harrison, Four Corners Alliance Group C.E.O.


NO Monthly Fees!

One-time low payment paid via Debit/Credit Card or Solid Trust Pay.

You will receive commission waiting for the level to fill. Your earnings are paid weekly on Tuesdays, even the Residual Income and Sponsor Bonuses!

You can order a low-cost Platinum Visa Debit Card for U.S. and International Members to load your earnings, or get paid to your Solid Trust Pay!

Automatic upgrades to higher levels of income from profits with corresponding Financial Literacy Products.

No waiting for levels to fill to get are paid instantly, and can receive multiple payments on different levels simultaneously!

With automatic upgrades there is no wondering whether or not your downline business partners will upgrade. This creates a steadily growing income which is extremely important for guaranteed success!

Residual Income for a monthly Financial Newsletter paid from PROFITS not out-of-pocket!

100% Matching Sponsor Bonuses! If your Business Partner (downline) earns $100, you will earn $100; if $500 you will earn $500; if $1000 you will earn $1000 etc.!  WOW...NO limit to your earnings!

There is NO sponsoring required as we can only have 4 on our first level, as everyone else we sponsor will fall in our downline creating spillover. They will get paid the level commission, but the sponsor will receive the 100% Matching Sponsor Bonus.

Click Here to watch some Videos about the 4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan.

Our Wealth Team will give you one-on-one personalized training if you don't know how to advertise online and offline, if you request it, to enable you to receive 100% Matching Sponsor Bonuses too!

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