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Say Goodbye to Fraudulent Disputes, Chargebacks,
and Payment Processors or Merchant Accounts
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Has your Paypal, Stripe or any other merchant account been limited or shut down? This is your solution!  

  • No more merchants freezing your accounts.
  • No more fraudulent disputes and drawbacks
  • No more high merchant fees
  • No more worrying if your account will get shut down for selling digital or non-tangible products and services
  • No more limits and delays on bank transfers

Imagine having the piece of mind of being able to take
 all the payments you want INCLUDING HIGH TICKET
 PAYMENTS in the thousands with no worries...

You will get back your monthly fee from using the products and services that ORU provides, for example, ORU Travel, ORU Pharmacy, ORU Marketplace for your Business, you can even set-up your own Store! You can also earn your monthly fee paid straight to your account just by being an Active Participant in the ORU Community! You will earn on everything you do!!!

You will receive the exclusive ORU Pre-Paid Black Card for all your Transactions to Buy and Sell Online and Offline with NO fees and NO Freezing of Account. And the same way you get paid for being an active participant in the Community, you will also get PAID straight into your account for using your ORU Pre-Paid Card too!!!

There is a one-time $28.39 Activation Fee that includes your ORU Prepaid Card,  and $5.95 fee for your first month to get started for a total of $34.34. Your time is valuable and the Owner of ORU realizes that and pays out 95% to the Members!!!

This is the Perfect Replacement for PayPal and Stripe, and other payment processors that limit or freeze your accounts, and a replacement for Social Media programs like Facebook, Twitter that don't pay you. 

You will get emails like I do DAILY: ORUScore Participation Reward Payment $$$$ has been credited to your account.

More & More Businesses & Program Owners Are Now Using ORU to Sell their Products and Services AND to Pay their Member Commissions WITHOUT fees, chargebacks or fear of closure!

You will receive $10 for everyone you sponsor into the ORU Community, paid straight to your ORU account!

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