Cash Blessings 4u (CB4U),is an extremely lucrative business model created so that everyone can easily earn. If you have been looking for an affordable home-based business, look no further.

Cash Blessings 4U is $50.00 one-time as there are NO monthly fees.  In order to make this opportunity affordable for everyone, there is a 4x1 Team Forced Matrix that does not require any personal referrals in order to cycle.  It costs only $3.50 one-time.

When you cycle out of the CB4U Feeder, you will receive a $50.00 position in Cash Blessings 4U and a payout of $3.50.


You will have the potential to earn $1000 of which $500 of this will be perpetual because as you cycle out of CB4U Level 4, you and your referrals will get an automatic re-entry position back into Level 4 to cycle perpetually!

CB4U is a Team Build where ALL the members will be given 2 referrals and assigned a Sponsor who needs their 2. You will get 2 personal referrals and your 2 will also get 2!!!

CB4U is a 2x2 Team Forced matrix from Level 1 thru 3 which is Passive Income of $500! Level 4 is a Regular Forced Matrix that requires 6 to cycle that pays $500. See the Success Strategy on how you can get your 6 Team Members fast below.

The very exciting feature of Cash Blessings4U is that when you cycle out of Level 1 you receive $75.00 and a position in Daily Cash Blessings Phase One where you can earn $1,550 in Passive Income!


Daily Cash Blessings is a 3x1 Team Forced 6-Level Matrix.  There are no personal referrals needed to cycle DCB Phase One 1-6 and DCB Phase Two 1-2. 

Therefore, you can earn a potential $1,550 in Passive Income from DCB Phase One Levels 1-6 and $1,500 from DCB Phase Two Levels 1-2!!! PLUS you will receive $1,145 in Sponsor Bonuses everytime your Team Cycles!!!

No Monthly Fees!
Purchase as many positions as you want!
Vacation Voucher and Grocery Coupons for what YOU buy when new members cycle CB4U & DCB Level One!
Banner & Text Advertising for any of your opportunities.
Potential to earn $1,000, $1,550 (Passive Income) & $31,000+ (Small Team of just 36)!

We have a pay it forward (PIF) Success Strategy  to get your 6 Team Members fast and be able to keep them in YOUR Downline.  We recommend that you join Cash Blessings 4u Feeder for just $3.50 and then PIF for 6 people, using your Affiliate Link, as soon as you can, and enter them one right after the other into the $3.50 Feeder so that they go in together.  Then ask them to do the same so that you and your Team will cycle through all the Levels of Cash Blessings 4U. It will only cost $21.00 ($3.50 x 6)!

If you follow our recommendation, your total cost to join is just $24.50!!!  You will have your 6 Team Members following you into Cash Blessings 4U & Daily Cash Blessings for Phase Two Levels E3 & E4!

Remember, just by cycling CB4U Level 1, you will receive $75 and a position in Daily Cash Blessings Phase One, 3x1 Team Forced Matrix, and start earning $1,550 in Passive Income, with no Personal Referrals required to earn until DCB Phase Two Levels 3 & 4/2x2 Regular Forced Matrix.